TREN RAMBUT 90s – CLIPPERCUT : Bring Back The Trend!

Hi, are you millennials?


Jangan ngaku generasi millennials, kalau kalian punya penampilan yang flat, gak ngikutin tren rambut jaman now dan nge-bosenin. Penampilan kalian bisa dibuat kece dan tentunya berbeda melalui gaya yang pas dan cocok jika diterapkan di gaya fashion dan khususnya gaya rambut kalian. So, how ?
Bagi millennials ngak ada salahnya untuk mencoba tren rambut 90’an yang stylish dan tentunya cocok dengan kepribadian kalian. Gaya rambut ini bisa dipadukan dengan fashion yang ga ribet tetapi tetap terlihat kece! Lalu, gaya rambut apa yang cocok dan pas untuk millennials?
Masa-masa 90an merupakan masa-masa yang paling memorable banget. Mulai dari gaya berpakaian, mainan, musik dan juga tren rambut. Gaya rambut era 90an itu unik-unik & memiliki estetika tersendiri, dan Blobar proudly present Clippercut sebagai trend rambut terbaru untuk millennials.
Blobar Hair Studio adalah salon rambut Jakarta tepatnya salon di kemang yang cocok banget buat millennials untuk tetap up to date dengan tren rambut dan trendy melalui gaya rambut kalian. Curious, how Blobar will style your hair?

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8 Life Lessons I Learned in My 19th Year by Isabelle Estella

8 Life Lessons I Learned in My 19th Year by Isabelle Estella


1. Love yourself first.

Love yourself first, it’s the best way to value yourself. Indeed, a very noble thing to have an eye for your fellow and show your care to other people. But remember the dose, it shouldn’t be too much. Stop focusing on what other people have and what others do. Stop comparing yourself to other people. This situation will lead you to the feeling of anxiety and resentment. Don’t push yourself to do something you don’t even like just to impress others by winning the competition you have made by your own, instead embrace only the things that excite you the most and be proud of who you really are. The best way to love and appreciate others is by loving yourself first, and the rests will fall together. I believe.

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How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally by Isabelle Estella

How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally by Isabelle Estella

Thinning hair has become a problem for many people these days. As both women and men feel unsatisfied with their physical appearance and started to find ways by spending a lot of money on expensive treatments. Some of the common factors like pollution; physical & emotional stress; or over styling might cause your hair to get thinner and thinner, but it is very important to manage your own hair as it is regarded as an asset to enhance people’s physical appearance and to boost their confidence.

The desire to possess thick and shiny hair are every woman’s dream.

Are you having the problem of thin hair?

Don’t worry! Below are listed some of the ingredients that you can choose as the most suitable one for you:
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Evil Exists, How Does Hope by Isabelle Estella

Evil Exists, How Does Hope by Isabelle Estella

Life can sometimes feel very hopeless. Everyone has their own distress and struggles. Those who seemed the happiest; might be the ones that struggle the most, and those who have everything in their life; is longing for affection. Maybe now you’re going through the feeling of despair, disappointed by your parents, permanent disability, or even worse, maybe you have no one to rely on. Don’t worry, I can assure that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one that deals with it.

The real question is, is there any hope in the world full of evil?


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