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Hello! Welcome to lustreofbliss.com


Thank you for checking out my blog! 🙂 Let me tell you a little about my self..

My name is Isabelle Estella, I am now 19. Born and raised in Jakarta, but currently living in Bali. Lots of people asked how it feels to live in such a fun and super-beautiful island, Bali. It was fun. Both have given me 2 different perspectives in my infancy. Childhood memories are just waaayyyy too precious. Either in Bali or Jakarta.

I’m beyond grateful to experience such an inspiring life-lesson since then.

Here, in this blog I wanted to share my thoughts about how I perceived the world + my 2 current fav topics (beauty & health), bcs I always have aspired to share thoughts about my perceptions and encourage people to always feel good about themselves. I hope you got one right after you finished reading any of my posts.

Hope you like it, enjoyyy! xx

Isabelle Estella
By Isabelle Estella