Evil Exists, How Does Hope by Isabelle Estella

Evil Exists, How Does Hope by Isabelle Estella

Life can sometimes feel very hopeless. Everyone has their own distress and struggles. Those who seemed the happiest; might be the ones that struggle the most, and those who have everything in their life; is longing for affection. Maybe now you’re going through the feeling of despair, disappointed by your parents, permanent disability, or even worse, maybe you have no one to rely on. Don’t worry, I can assure that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one that deals with it.

The real question is, is there any hope in the world full of evil?


The answer is yes.

Whether sometimes it might be very hard to find hope right away as you encounter the problem, but there will always be hope.

Even in the smallest possible situations.

Just remember when you were a kid when you depend and rely almost everything on your parents and put all your trusts only in them. Now imagine, as if we were a child in this world, and knowing that we have our Father to take control of everything. Life would be much easier, and as simple as that.

But let us face the truth in our reality..

Life is not as perfect as we get older. You’ll find more and more fights between each individual. People started to ignore the way of truth and choosing the paths of their own happiness due to the presence of evil which is in our midst and it is very hard to be resisted.

What if the evil destroys us? Regrets and regrets are everywhere.

Let us consider this for a while..
Many people feel that their life is such a mess, and have no value at all, and then started to lose hope.. The real fact is, every human being has their own value and its never going to vanish.

Your life is like a domino, we affect one to another. But in reality, people are being unloving and unforgiving to each other; starting to betray their relatives; disobedient to their parents because there is something else in life to be pursued. Those things are wealth, power, popularity, possessions, and lust.

What is life after all?

As we grow older, people start to be crueler and hate what is good to find the real meaning of “good” by their own. The common things to be achieved these days aren’t always right.

One thing I learned from high school,

“Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean it is right. While only small amounts of people do the opposite thing, doesn’t mean it is mistaken. What is right; is right, and what is wrong; is wrong. It doesn’t affect by a number of people doing it.”

Remember this, and be sure to yourself that whenever you’re feeling hurt; betrayed; or hopeless, giving up is NEVER an option because you know that you still have the chance to make it right.

Many people try to end their life because they think it is easier that way than to suffer the pain.

Nothing else could make them happier than to be in the grave at some point.

You know, it’s just not right.

So start to think and act differently as the way it should be. Always remember and believe that every struggle you have in life will always lead to something greater, and it will lead to a tougher and better version of you.

Go find yourself now and seek out to the top of the mountain in your life and you’ll find the enjoyable view out there because life is all about ups and downs. Never try to quit.

If you find someone that needs help, reached them out and give them a hand. You’ll never know what in their minds, what roads they have chosen to survive, but one thing for sure.. Just give your best to help lighten the burden. You are grateful to have been achieved much in life, so start giving what you have to others.

For in it, you’ll touch the very meaning of life.

Remember that life is a domino, your cares will lead out to more and more blessings to come. When it actually happens in your life, you’ll feel the peace inside you and it is something you should be proud of. So go out now, and make yourself more valuable! Good luck, xx.

Evil Exists, How Does Hope by Isabelle Estella

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